I've put some gamemastering tools for Pathfinder online and made them open source. They are still in their infancy

Rough doodles, smudges and map drawing in black in pen on smooth paper

I wrote the following announcement in my notepad:

I love Pathfinder 1st Edition and build my own tools for gamemastering. They are an eclectic bunch, of early interation tools, built primarily for myself. I believe in Open Source and hope that in future these tools will form a useful set of resources that others will benefit from. I'm a creative developer – so happy to iterate, and to have bugs, feature requests and all-sorts of issues shared with me. Your feedback, ideas, suggestions and improvements are most welcome and can drive the development of this toolset forwards. Use GitHub if you can to share your ideas and there's also email.

Website at www.pathfindertools.com and repo at github.com/LL782/pathfinder-tools

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