Mundoko Maps Log - taking notes so I don't loose my sense of direction

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The repo is at but that's not where I was at when I left off.

Funny, I'm structuring these notes with, Done, Doing, To Do. Why not just create issues and a project in the repo? I guess it's because I also have more general notes. Let's review this later though, will I/did I add any notes that couldn't have been attached directly to specific issues?


  • Created a Contentful space

  • Drafted the model for a Map Tile content type

  • Decided to use the coordinates of the centre of each tile, along with the scale, and a fixed tile size to pin-point each tile. Previously I was using a pair of coordinates to describe the top-left and bottom-right corners of each tile.

    • e.g. before 5140000,5150000x5150000,5160000 after 5145000,5155000
    • I now have tile titles like, --e-5145--s-5155--city--topo or --e-{east}--s-{south}--{scale}--{type}
    • 👆Still not convinced with that file name format
  • Learned that in Contentful each asset has a file field that can be changed, leaving the asset ID, title and description in place

    • So given a tile's image is redrafted, when Contentful has to be updated, then the only place to change is the file field, metadata and links to the image will be preserved
  • Published a single city scale tile and the first few images of town scale tiles that fit within that smaller scale tile


  • Cropping the first 25 town scale tile images
  • Publishing tiles in Contentful that corrispond to each of these
  • Planning to replace this manual effort with scripts

To Do

  • Build a UI that links from the city scale tile down to the 25 town scale tiles laid out in a grid
  • Write a script that can crop a city scale tile into 25 town scale tiles automagically
    • There's a package called Jimp that does programmatic cropping
  • Build a system that automagically crops a city tile into town tiles and publishes them on Contentful

will I/did I add any notes that couldn't have been attached directly to specific issues?

Perhaps not but I realise that's not the reason why I'm not just creating a project in the repo to "log" all of this

  1. When I started this keeping notes on this website thing, it was to bring things together in one place
  2. This here "note" gives me a fast way to read and write an overview, precisely because it's all one page

It's six months later now 2022-06 and I'd like to iterate on that last statement...

  1. It's advantageous to see an overview in one place.
  2. Blogging about how the project is going allows me to get back into it after a break.
  3. There's value in the items, especially the in progress ones, being in a work planner too.

The third point feeds into a note I published a few months after originally publishing this one -- The Overview It's about my decision to create an aggregation project in GitHub to for issues across multiple repos in a single view.

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