I googled three names I use (LL782, dog5b and DC5B) Of the fifty-three accounts I'm fine with sixteen and will close five, ignore three and update the other twenty-nine. My next task is describing the nineteen that I'm updating as a priority.

This note is part of work I'm doing to curate my personal public profile. I'm sharing it here so I don't loose it.

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80-180 characters for each one

  1. DC5B Described Two way feedback on DC5B activity
  2. DC5B Teemill Trade T-shirts for cash
  3. dog5b Blog Artistic expression
  4. LL782 GitHub Represent my working profile
  5. LL782 Twitter Engage in contemporary discourse
  6. LL782 Codurance Details for professional collaboration
  7. DC5B Website Showcase the business
  8. LL782 Facebook Facebook connections
  9. dog5b Instagram Reach customers as an artist
  10. LL782 Instagram Share photos with friends
  11. LL782 Website A personal exposé
  12. LL782 LinkedIn Network professionally
  13. LL782 Patreon Trade details for funds
  14. LL782 YouTube In case I start doing TV
  15. dog5b Tumblr Engage with other creators
  16. LL782 Gravatar Global profile summary
  17. DC5B Instagram Reach customers with ideas and products
  18. DC5B Ideas Develop ideas into products
  19. LL782 Google Appearance on Google products

DC5B Described is...

A blog for going into detail about the products and ideas we produce. We also share information about the business itself, and invite questions and comments on all of it.


DC5B Teemill is...

Our online shop for t-shirts, sweaters, shorts, joggers, tote bags, art prints and jigsaws. Teemill print our products on demand and we love their environmental credentials.


dog5b Blog is...

My personal blog under my artist pseudonym "dog5b". It's pretty free and unscripted, giving me an artistic space away from the more commercial ideas development of DC5B.


LL782 GitHub is...

My profile on GitHub, where you'll find links to some of my work as a developer, including the open-source code and project management of my art development business – DC5B.


LL782 Twitter is...

A place to engage in public discourse. Truth is, I haven't made a habit of that and mostly use Twitter to present my interests, and to note things I don't want to forget.


LL782 Codurance is...

My professional introduction to colleagues, clients and collaborators at Codurance. A facet of my profile describing my work as a software craftsperson and business consultant.


DC5B Website is...

The main DC5B gateway with routes to the idea development shop and [one day,] links to our social media pages, blog and pages about the organisation as a whole.


LL782 Facebook is...

Personal photos and data that I've made semi-public, along with campaigns and media I've identified with. A way to stay in touch with people I don't connect with elsewhere online.


dog5b Instagram is...

Somewhere I share my drawings with fans and a global public to engage and get feedback on which one are most popular. It's also an outlet for my art related news and updates.


LL782 Instagram is...

A semi-public place where I get a little bit creative sharing photos from my life. It's a pleasant place for me to swap messages with friends and here about some new ideas.


LL782 Website is...

My personal website where I keep notes (primarily for myself) about what I'm working on and thinking about, and I experiment with web code and software development ideas.


LL782 LinkedIn is...

For professional networking. I present my work profile, past jobs, a very lean portfolio and I stay in touch with work colleagues, collaborators and supporters.


LL782 Patreon is...

A platform for supporters who choose to send me some funds on a regular basis. They get access to detail of what I'm doing and can unlock exclusive rewards tailored to them.


LL782 YouTube is...

For my animations and vlogging ambitions. I also collect playlists of videos I recommend watching.


dog5b Tumblr is...

A place to collect and discuss artwork that I have found inspirational.


LL782 Gravatar is...

A simple web profile that gets shared across all Wordpress and some other websites.


DC5B Instagram is...

An outlet for images, texts and videos documenting developments at DC5B with a special focus on sharing the ideas we're developing and engaging with feedback.


DC5B Ideas is...

A listing of all the raw ideas and finished products developed at DC5B, where people can search for what interests them and find further information on customisation and purchase.


LL782 Google is...

Simply a profile for my personal account, showing up with all Google products – like YouTube, Gmail and Calendar.


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