Enter The Overview – all my personal projects gathered together

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The Overview lets me zoom out from a single personal project and see issues from across my whole profile in one place. I think of Scrum of Scrums – this is a project of projects. The objectives are as follows:

  1. Easy to view all workflows together
  2. A landing page for, What to work on
  3. Cross pollinate planning approaches


How's it going?

Feels good so far. I've made visible everything already in flight (see Ensure all existing issues are visible in The Overview – LL782 #2) and I'm getting some great insights already.

Highlights 🤓

  1. It's easier to rank priorities of issues of different projects when they are all listed together
  2. There's a Marie Kondo thing – put everything into one pile and the absurdity of how much you have becomes clear
  3. I've deleted or archived a bunch of repos without much hesitation. It's easier to refine scope from this long view

Observations 🔦

  1. Lots of the repos I considered important did't have projects or milestones until I did this
  2. There is manual effort required to ensure all issues get visiblility in The Overview
  3. I haven't done high level planning on most of the projects before now

Ponderings 🤔

  1. Repos are not projects – the terms shouldn't be used interchangeably
  2. Should I continue to maintain individual projects on a repository level?
  3. Is this going to help me get more done or is it a distraction? The old procrastination question
  4. I hope to measure the success of this by seeing a few of the projects mature and progress

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